Our Mission is what Naue stands for:

Building on sustainable ground.

  • You can build on Naue.
  • Building with Naue is safe, durable and of high quality.
  • We are a solid partner for our customers, business partners and employees.
  • Building with Naue is sustainable through CO2 savings and biodegradable products.

Our commitment:


Simple and fast processing of your projects.

Naue products ensure timely and planned construction and enable alternative construction methods, reducing construction costs and conserving natural resources.


Pioneering solutions.

Naue provides ideas for the design of construction projects and delivers advanced geotechnical solutions based on feasibility scenarios.


Your committed enabler.

Naue stands by its customers as an experienced partner. The support throughout all phases of the project ensures planning and construction optimi-sation. With individually tailored services, Naue ensures a smooth process.